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Company History

David S. Diamonds has been in business for over fifteen years, and David S. is a third generation jeweler who comes from a long line of craftspeople and artisans. He is a graduate of Columbia University, and holds a degree in engineering. David and many of his staff at David S. Diamonds are alumni of the Gemological Institute of America and the Gemological Association of Great Britain. In addition, David is also an alumnus of the Harvard Business School.

 Veritas While growing up in a family business that involved diamonds and gems, David knew very early on that there is a strong relationship between the beauty of a diamond and the way it is cut. In Columbia School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, David's intense learning of Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Optics and Quantum Mechanics greatly enhanced his understanding of the science and the physical requirements that are necessary to achieve the most ideally brilliant diamond. Much personal time has been devoted to the analysis of Marcel Tolkowsky's "Brilliant Design" thesis. Understanding the strength and weaknesses of Tolkowsky's historic model of the Ideal Cut proportions for the round cut diamond and working with diamonds on a daily basis have  Gemological Institute of America led David to conclude that ideal cut proportions for different color diamonds vary slightly. Cutting a diamond that does not permit any leakage of light is rudimentary. A good cutter must know how to manage a diamond's dispersion (fire-rainbow), illumination (brilliance-light return) and scintillation (sparkle-movement) in order to bring out the maximum beauty that is achievable for that specific diamond's classification. Understanding this harmony between the various light performance drivers of a diamond is critical for the diamond jeweler. The correct combination for a tinted color diamond might exhibit excessive dispersion to optimally bring out the beauty of a colorless diamond. Furthermore, the discovery that a round diamond can be cut to exact maximum brilliance paved the way to determining the formulas for other shaped diamonds. Finding ways to improve the light performance and the beauty of a diamond is a life long passion for David. With the advent of new technology and imaging devices available on the marketplace, the light performance components of a diamond can be measured with empirical means. This will significantly help David to determine the higher light performing diamond cuts of the future and provide them to his customers.

 Sigillum Collegii When David S. Diamonds began its operation over fifteen years ago, the terms GIA Report, optimal light returned, maximum brilliance, maximum dispersion, optimal integrated proportions, perfect optical symmetry, and optimal scintillation were all part of a checklist of requirements for most of the products that David offered to his customers. Uniquely, David also provides guidance to his clients on how to achieve the greatest value in the matrix of price points while attaining the maximum degree of beauty. David believes in value for his customers as well as quality. David knew intimately from assisting with customers in his parent's jewelry business during his teenage years, that the brighter the diamond, the happier the lady and the lower the price of the diamond, the happier the man. That is why David has dedicated his knowledge and efforts to providing the most beautiful jewelry for his clients with exceptional value. Today, very satisfied customers refer about 90% of David S. Diamonds' new customers.

David's engineering degree from Columbia, his experiences in the business world, his management education from Harvard Business School, his family training and formal gemological studies have assisted him in creating a different dimension within the jewelry industry. David combines his mastery of the art of cutting with technical expertise to provide the greatest product, for the best value. He is a unique jeweler who not only concerns himself with the beauty of gems, but with the complete satisfaction of his clients as well. His love of exquisite jewelry is equaled only by his solid determination to make every customer happy. He only presents gems and finished pieces his clients will truly love, and refuses to deliver any stone or design he doesn't feel right about. David is a businessman, an artist, a craftsman, and an educator who offers every client a truly valuable lesson in diamond and jewelry selection. He has created a business based on trust, integrity and reliability—the qualities that make people come back; the solid elements that continually satisfy his repeat clientele. The mission of David S. Diamonds is through the use of knowledge, commitment to quality, the delivery of long-term value to customers, extraordinary products and dedication to customer service, to become the most respected and honored jeweler in the world.

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