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Why Should I use the BrillianceScope?

What does the BrillianceScope do?

The purpose of the BrillianceScope is to to measure the "wow" effect of a diamond, namely its ability to sparkle, which is often difficult to determine under the lighting in a jeweler's store. It does this by rating a diamond's light performance by measuring the light refractions from a diamond.

What is light refraction?

When viewing a diamond, ideally a light source will enter the diamond, bounce around inside the prism of the diamond's interior, and refract out of the crown, so that the light beam will come out through the most visible portion of the diamond to hit everyone's eye with a brilliant sparkle.

When light leaks through the pavilion of the diamond instead of the crown, it results in poor light performance and a duller-looking diamond. (Please refer to the 4c's tutorial for more information)

Why do some diamonds refract light better than others?

It is the skill of the diamond cutter that determines how well the diamond refracts light. This is why the "cut" in the "4 c's" plays a large factor in the quality of your diamond. The diamond cutter decides upon the factors of proportion, symmetry, and polish. If the proportions of the diamond's pavilion are too shallow or deep, light will leak out as shown in the pictures above. DSD prides itself on producing well-cut diamonds.

How does the BrillianceScope work?
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