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Canadia Diamonds Article
General History of Canadian Diamonds

Contrary to what much of the public believes, diamonds don't come solely from South Africa. In 1985, geologist Charles Fipke and his partner Stuart Blusson found evidence of Kimberlite (the rock substance in which diamonds are found) near Lac de Gras, Canada. This find ushered in the beginnings of a new major player in the diamond market and a new type of diamond. The key to this new type of diamond is not in the material itself, but in the way that it is handled. This relates to the fact that Canada's Government of the Northwest Territories established stringent policies that ensure the quality and source of the diamonds mined in its domain. Certified by the government itself, Canadian diamonds have become the first diamonds that can be accurately traced back to their true origin, making them unlike any other diamond in the world. This government certification is the cornerstone of Canadia's Triple Guarantee which embraces the purity and quality associated with its brand name.

The Major Players in the Canadian Diamond Industry

Canada's diamond sources come mainly from 3 locations: Ekati, Diavik, and Snap Lake. The Ekati mine is owned primarily by Australian mining company BHP Billiton. This mine currently produces 6% of the world's rough gem-quality diamonds valued at $500 million/year. The Diavik mine began production in April 2003 as a joint venture between London's Rio Tinto PLC and Toronto's Aber Diamond Corp. The Snap Lake mine will begin production in 2006 under the management of DeBeers. When all three mines are fully operational, Canada will produce 12% of the world's rough gem-quality diamonds, becoming the world's third-largest diamond supplier. Canadia utilizes only the finest diamonds that come out of the Ekati mine.

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