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Solasfera Diamond

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Solasfera Diamond

A few words from David S.

In nearly two decades in business, David S. Diamonds has earned a reputation for providing our customers with the finest diamonds at the greatest possible value. We are known also for staying on the “cutting edge” of technology. Over the years, whenever we have made a discovery that would lead to a more beautiful diamond, we have applied it to our work and shared it with our customers. In fact, we introduced our customers to optimal round brilliant cut diamonds, with Hearts and Arrows reflective symmetry patterns, long before the market knew what they were.

We have always believed that the most beautiful diamond is a perfect light-returning machine—and a masterpiece of art. A diamond that is designed with correct optical principles and light flow architecture, and cut by the most discerning artisan, can achieve the greatest beauty that a natural diamond is capable of.

Our commitment to innovation, consumer education, and delivery of the highest-quality product and services is the essence of who we are. As a result, our customers enjoy every day the fruits of our skills, knowledge, and pursuit of excellence. In return we enjoy the fruits of their satisfaction, best expressed through repeat business and the joy of having “customers for life.” While many consumers familiarize themselves with the 4C’s, most don’t concern themselves with the number of facets that a round diamond has or how they are arranged or what each facet does. Most don’t want to become a gemologist overnight. They simply want to obtain the most beautiful diamond for their money, and hope that the professional they turn to will guide them properly. Our customers expect exactly that when they call on us. They place great confidence in our ability to guide them to just the right diamond.

To fulfill this responsibility, we are constantly searching for the truths that will lead us to a more beautiful diamond. We believe that with today’s technology, science, and artistry—fueled by the spirit of innovation—the beauty of the diamond will soar to heights unthinkable just a few years ago.

We firmly believe it is our duty to advance the brilliance and beauty of the round diamond. In the past we followed the century-old model for doing so: the conventional, 58-facet cut. But after exploring the origins of this cut design, evaluating its academic merits, and empirically testing its performance, we find that this model does not meet the highest beauty and performance standards and cannot achieve the most coveted status a diamond can have: the ideal cut.

A few words from David S. (cont.)
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