In nearly two decades in business, David S. Diamonds has earned a reputation for providing our customers with the finest diamonds at the greatest possible value. We are known also for staying on the “cutting edge” of technology. Over the years, whenever we have made a discovery that would lead to a more beautiful diamond, we have applied it to our work and shared it with our customers. In fact, we introduced our customers to optimal round brilliant cut diamonds, with Hearts and Arrows reflective symmetry patterns, long before the market knew what they were. 

We have always believed that the most beautiful diamond is a perfect light-returning machine—and a masterpiece of art. A diamond that is designed with correct optical principles and light flow architecture, and cut by the most discerning artisan, can achieve the greatest beauty that a natural diamond is capable of. 

Our commitment to innovation, consumer education, and delivery of the highest-quality product and services is the essence of who we are. As a result, our customers enjoy every day the fruits of our skills, knowledge, and pursuit of excellence. In return we enjoy the fruits of their satisfaction, best expressed through repeat business and the joy of having “customers for life.” While many consumers familiarize themselves with the 4C’s, most don’t concern themselves with the number of facets that a round diamond has or how they are arranged or what each facet does. Most don’t want to become a gemologist overnight. They simply want to obtain the most beautiful diamond for their money, and hope that the professional they turn to will guide them properly. Our customers expect exactly that when they call on us. They place great confidence in our ability to guide them to just the right diamond. 

To fulfill this responsibility, we are constantly searching for the truths that will lead us to a more beautiful diamond. We believe that with today’s technology, science, and artistry—fueled by the spirit of innovation—the beauty of the diamond will soar to heights unthinkable just a few years ago. 

We firmly believe it is our duty to advance the brilliance and beauty of the round diamond. In the past we followed the century-old model for doing so: the conventional, 58-facet cut. But after exploring the origins of this cut design, evaluating its academic merits, and empirically testing its performance, we find that this model does not meet the highest beauty and performance standards and cannot achieve the most coveted status a diamond can have: the ideal cut. 

Diamond World Today

It’s an exciting time for the diamond industry. Today, with greater understanding of diamond optics and the components that determine a diamond’s beauty, the standards for which a diamond’s beauty is judged are much higher than a century ago when the round brilliant cut was first introduced. With the advent of direct light-measuring technology, advance optical instruments that detect light leakage in a diamond, laser-guided diamond proportion measuring devices, and innovative diamond faceting tools, the beauty of the diamond is destined to be dramatically transformed. 

This means that, compared to diamond consumers a generation ago, this generation of diamond consumers and beyond will enjoy diamonds of unprecedented beauty. In this age of information the criteria that really determine a diamond’s beauty will be readily available to consumers. Along with the 4Cs from the retailers, educated consumers will demand accurate information on a diamond’s light performance and beauty measurements. With this added information the consumer’s quest to find the most desirable diamond at the greatest value has become significantly easier and much more attainable. 

The existing “fudge” factor of the past is now dramatically reduced by the technology of today. The days of hiding behind numbers, theoretical models, or “trust my experienced eye and not yours” will soon be over. Diamond suppliers who align with the needs and interests of consumers will succeed, where those who try to push an inferior product might find the market less receptive. 

Educated consumers will drive the production of higher-performing and substantially more beautiful diamonds. More diamonds will be cut with the customer’s interest in mind, not the supplier’s. As in the past, diamonds that slap on numerous extra facets will emerge but will then fade away at a much quicker rate than before, due to the higher academic standards these diamonds must meet. 

These extra-facet diamonds do look different but are optically inferior to the existing model. At the same time, old models will be replaced by optically superior ones. Only diamond cuts with truly superior optical light performance, light flow architecture, optical symmetry, and cutting workmanship will succeed because only they can pass the battery of stringent tests and analysis that a polished diamond is subjected to today. Naturally, these diamonds will look absolutely stunning and far better than the earlier models. 

This is the way of progress. The Solasfera diamond is the perfect example. 

The Importance of Beauty

Throughout the ages, the diamond’s dance of light has captured our fascination. This beauty does not happen by chance but is clearly determined by the design and craft of the diamond’s cut. Compare the appearance of a raw diamond, a poorly polished diamond, and a well-cut one, and you’ll see the light. 

The beauty of a diamond depends on how it sets light free. The degree of brilliance/brightness (white light), fire (color light), and sparkle that diamonds radiate determines a diamond’s light performance. The patterns of returned light, the contrast of reflecting facets, the display of rainbow colors, and the arrangement of sparkles has a profound impact on a diamond’s beauty. These elements are the main parts of a diamond’s aesthetic signature known as light flow architecture. 

Today, major gemological institutions are putting together supplemental information on light performance, assessing a diamond’s cut quality as a function of its ability to produce brilliance, fire, and scintillation. Some labs will provide additional information on a diamond’s light return geometry, contrast brilliance, light leakage, and optical symmetry information. All of these details fall under a new category known as beauty factors. Their inclusion in diamond grading reports reflects how much consumers value the diamond’s beauty. 

The addition of beauty factors bodes well for consumers and for the future of the diamond industry. Rather than getting lost in the numbers, or paying for attributes that are not needed, consumers will have a far greater ability to obtain the beautiful diamonds they really want. We believe those labs that rely on a theoretical ray tracing model to predict a diamond’s light performance, as opposed to using direct light measurement technologies, will provide generalized results with limited value to the end user. 

Diamond purchasers should know precisely the performance results of the diamond they are considering, rather than a generalized result for all diamonds with similar proportions. Two diamonds with different sets of inclusions will produce different performance results even if they have the same general proportions. Consumers need to know to what degree white light, color light, and sparkles are being returned as opposed to the general light factor. We believe that accurate direct light measurement results are far more reliable and beneficial to consumers. With metrics that are focused squarely on beauty, we can expect to see the emergence of diamonds with superior optics, brilliance-and-beauty. 

The Solasfera is the perfect example of this advanced diamond cut design.

Why Solasfera?

In looking for a diamond that is cut properly, consumers typically face a huge challenge. Only a few succeed in getting a well-crafted diamond cut to optimal proportions. Even purchasing from elite, high-priced merchants cannot ensure the best results. Some resort to endless hours of research in the hopes of making a more informed buying decision. But with imperfect information, it’s difficult to make the right choice. Purchasing a Solasfera brings the confidence of buying a superior product at the best value. Solasfera owners are free of the anxiety and regrets that so often plague diamond buyers. Whatever category or rating you pursue, it’s always an exceptional buying experience with Solasfera. 

When you select a Solasfera, you are choosing a reliable diamond brand with the highest ratings for performance and beauty. It is a brand with the integrity to be a genuine, natural diamond—non-clarity enhanced, non-conflict, non-synthetic, and non-treated. In every size and in every variety of jewelry, you can always count on Solasfera to bring you the best cut design, rendered with absolutely perfect craftsmanship. 

All other things being equal, diamonds with superior optics and cut quality are always valued substantially more by appraisers. Yet it’s not the higher dollar value that drives us to recommend the Solasfera, but the greater brilliance and beauty. DSD’s commitment to provide the best and share our expertise with our customers never wavers. We will always recommend the diamond with the best cut, highest light performance, and deepest beauty—and that diamond, unmistakably, is the Solasfera. 

What is Solasfera

Solasfera [pronounced as sola – sfera], literally means sun sphere – immortal brilliance that radiates warmth and beauty. A natural diamond with a state of the art cut design (patent pending) that harnesses the magnificence of light’s beautifying qualities. Designed with revolutionary light flow architecture, 91 optically engineered facets and perfect proportions that maximize the light performance and beauty of a round diamond. 

The proof of the Solasfera’s unrivaled beauty is as overwhelming as the number of people that would attest to its beauty. But above all, from any angle, under sunlight, office light or candlelight, Solasfera’s greater brilliance and beauty is plain to see. 

Not just another diamond with extra facets? 

It is important to be clear that we are not recommending diamonds with extra facets to achieve a different look but instead diamonds with improved light flow architecture that academically achieve greater brilliance, fire, sparkle, intensity, optical symmetry, optical efficiency and beauty. The goal is to have a diamond that will yield better performance rather than simply looking different with no gain in beauty. 

Why Solasfera is the best?

Brilliance doesn't happen by chance!

For a truly brilliant diamond selection, it is vital to go beyond the 4C’s and understand the components that affect the beauty of a diamond. 

  • Perfect Proportions & Light Leakage
  • Optical Symmetry
  • Cutting Workmanship
  • Light Performance
  • Light Flow Architecture
  • Physical Geometry

These are the key components that determine the brilliance and the beauty of a diamond. Their quality is directly related to the diamond’s cut design and the way that it is cut. In order to attain the greatest beauty, a diamond must excel not in one, but in all the above categories. 

Please note that a D-colorless, flawless, round diamond that is cut with massive light leakage, has poor light performance, and appears like smashed glass is a very unattractive diamond regardless how much it cost. 

Perfect proportions: no light leakage

A diamond that is cut with perfect proportions will not leak light through its bottom facets. Only a few diamonds (fractions of 1 percent) in the world can pass this test. Avoid diamonds with light leakages if you are in search of the most brilliant diamond. Even with so-called “ideal cut”, AGS Triple Zero, and branded Hearts and Arrows round diamonds you will find light leakage. Every Solasfera diamond will pass this stringent test with a perfect score with no light leakage.

Highest light performance

Most Solasfera diamonds receive triple “off the chart” ratings when measured under GemEx’s BrillianceScope™ for:

  • Brilliance (i.e. amount of white light returned)
  • Fire (i.e. amount of color light returned)
  • Scintillation (i.e. number of sparkles)

Be sure to ask for a GemEx’s Light Performance Analysis report. This analysis is based on accurate direct measurement of light that is being returned by a diamond that is subjected to a constant light source at different distances. 

Advanced optical symmetry

One look at the beautiful reflective symmetry pattern of Solasfera reveals the secrets of its perfect light flow architecture. Solasfera’s use of its main facets is far more advanced and efficient than any other round brilliant cut. To align Solasfera’s 91 facets three dimensionally, in a way that will result in the Solasfera’s magnificent optical symmetry pattern, requires faceting skills that elevate diamond cutting to an art form. Only the finest diamond cutters will succeed. This is another reason why the Solasfera is simply the very best and exceptionally valuable. 

When viewing under the Hearts & Arrows viewer, you will see: 

Solasfera Hearts & Arrows compared to Ideal cut diamonds

Solasfera Hearts & Arrows compared to Ideal cut diamonds

Exceptional light flow architecture

Solasfera was created with extensive knowledge and understanding of: 

Artistic rendering of returned light pattern
Distribution of colors
Harmonization of sparkles
Control of contrast among brilliance facets
Optical performance under different lighting conditions

These are critical factors in determining the appearance and beauty of a diamond. In designing the Solasfera diamond, every facet matters. Too many facets can cause distortion, poor contrast brilliance and the appearance of crushed ice. Too few facets will lead to poor light performance and dead spots. Because of Solasfera’s exceptional light flow architecture, it appears vibrant even when viewed upside down. 

The secret to perfect diamond brilliance & beauty

The integration of perfect components
To achieve the most brilliant and beautiful diamond, it is necessary to perfect its proportions, light performance, optical symmetry, light flow architecture, physical geometry, and cutting workmanship. Most diamonds cannot achieve perfection in even one of these areas. 

To truly appreciate the beauty of Solasfera I invite you to come take a look for yourself. It’s proof of beauty has been explained here but to truly appreciate it’s beauty you must see the Solasfera for yourself. Call 212-921-8029 to make an appointment.