We were founded with a single purpose — to create the most brilliant diamonds in the world.

This singular pursuit of light has made us pioneers in the diamond industry.  We have become known as masters of light because of the spectacular brilliance of our diamonds.  From our founding through the present, we have been committed to combining groundbreaking optical design with a mastery of diamond-cutting to produce diamonds with superlative optical performance.

Our journey to perfect brilliance led our founder David S. — a third generation jeweler — to design and patent the famed Solasfera diamond cut.  The 91-facet Solasfera remains so difficult to cut that only a handful of master cutters around the world are qualified to produce these exceptional and coveted diamonds.  David S Diamonds is today one of the leading global retailers of Solasfera diamonds. 

Principles of light

We are deeply committed to a set of business principles that have won us the loyalty of diamond collectors and buyers around the world.

Our principles are directly inspired by our pursuit of perfect light:

  • Transparency  —  We do not believe in salesmanship, but instead encourage buyers to take their time and do extensive research and comparisons before making a rational purchase.  We stand by the exceptional quality of our diamonds, and use clear GIA and BrillianceScope certifications and documented optical measurements rather than salesmanship to convey the brilliance of our gemstones.
  • Brilliance — We steadfastly committed to creating diamonds with extraordinary optical brilliance.  Our uncompromising approach includes sacrificing carat weight in favor of brilliant optical performance when we cut and polish diamonds, because the pursuit of light is at the very core of the David S Diamonds philosophy.
  • Ethical clarity — We believe diamonds can create joy and inspiration only when they are ethically sourced and crafted.  We use only certified conflict-free diamonds, and hold our elite diamond cutters to high standards of ethical practice and employment.  We encourage our customers to buy diamonds responsibly and carefully, and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to support responsible buying.

We invite you to visit or talk to us, or read the David S. Diamonds buying guide.


About David S.

David S. is a pioneer in the diamond industry.  A third-generation jeweler, he has dedicated his life to the study and design of brilliant diamonds.  David holds an engineering degree from Columbia University, and is also an alumnus of Harvard Business School and the Gemological Institute of America.

David's mastery of advanced optical and materials engineering, coupled with a lifetime's experience as a renowned jeweler,  led him to pioneer new optical designs and groundbreaking ways of cutting diamonds for optical brilliance.  He holds a portfolio of patents and trademarks for the invention of the brilliant Solasfera diamond cuts.

David's first passion is advising customers on a principled, objective approach to buying diamonds.  Outside of this, he continues to further his research into diamond optics as he leads David S. Diamonds on the forefront of the diamond industry today.


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