David S diamonds burst with light and fire like no other.  Our diamonds are coveted by collectors and by serious buyers around the world for their brilliant performance.

Our diamonds are crafted with a single purpose:  peerless optical brilliance.  Each David S diamond is cut using a mastery of optical science that sets us apart from other jewelers.  

Our diamonds are not just brilliant to the eye.  We are favored by collectors because we provide clear, objective proof of performance.  Each David S diamond comes with multiple standard certifications documenting the exceptional workmanship and brilliance of the gemstone.

Clear certification

A typical David S diamond comes with superb certification ratings:

  • GIA certification – Triple Excellent
  • Gemex certification – Maximum brilliance
  • Hearts and arrows pattern – Perfect or near-perfect
  • Optical measurements – Superb for symmetry, light reflectance/loss

Solasfera Diamonds

Our pursuit of brilliance led our founder David S to develop and patent the famed Solasfera range of diamonds, which produce such radiance that they are named after the Italian term for "sunsphere". 

Fewer than 0.01% of raw diamonds meet the requirements to be considered for a Solasfera cut, and then only a handful of master cutters around the world are qualified to make the demanding cuts to create the diamonds.

Solasfera diamonds are available in the following shapes:

  • Round cut — The acclaimed round cut Solasfera diamond features a stunning 91 facets arranged in an optically perfect design.  Round cut Solasfera diamonds are prized by collectors because they delivers significantly better flash and fire than conventional  57-facet "hearts and arrows" ideal-cut diamonds.
The Solasfera Round (left) has a stunning 10 hearts and arrows The Solasfera Princess features 4 arrows and 8 perfect chevrons   

The Solasfera Round (left) has a stunning 10 hearts and arrows
The Solasfera Princess features 4 arrows and 8 perfect chevrons


  • Princess cut — The new princess cut Solasfera represents a groundbreaking approach to princess cut diamonds.  81 facets are arranged with painstaking precision to provide flash and brilliance unrivaled by standard princess cuts.   

David S Diamonds is proud to be one of the leading retailers of Solasfera diamonds worldwide.  

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The brilliance of Solasfera

The round-cut solasfera

The round-cut solasfera

The princess cut solasfera

The princess cut solasfera

The Light of Principle

We've earned the loyalty of generations of customers by our principled approach to selling diamonds.

We encourage customers to do extensive research and to compare our diamonds with competitors to gain complete confidence in the performance of our gems.  And we stand by the quality of our diamonds with a 30-day money back guarantee. 

We do not believe in using subjective salesmanship to sell diamonds, but instead rely on rigorous certification and clear optical measurements to describe the quality of our diamonds.  Each David S diamond is backed by both GIA and GemEx Light Performance Analysis reports, as well as optical measurements of light quality and return.